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Childs Meadow Resort Here are some special photos we gathered to show you around our quiet resort area.

An effort was made to make the pictures so they would not take too much time to load.
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41500 Hwy 36E
Mill Creek, CA

(530)595-3383 OR

This is the perfect place for outdoor activities --
fishing, camping, cycling, hunting, horseback
riding, cross country skiing, snowmobiling,
photography, painting, writing, and much more!

There are also special facilities for outdoor
Weddings -- Family Reunions -- Student Field
Trips and other Group activities.

Patrolled by Eagles and Osprey, the beautiful Mill Creek runs through the meadow adjacent to the Resort, and Battle Creek, Deer Creek, & Gurnsey Creek are only a few miles away.

All of these streams are regularly stocked with trout, so don't forget your fishing gear.

Are you a lake fisherman? Bring your boat or canoe to take advantage of beautiful Lake Almanor, just 20 miles East. Or paddle one of the many lakes in Lassen Park.

Prefer bird-watching?

This is a "birder's" paradise. In addition to eagles and osprey, there are Sand Hill Cranes who arrive in the Spring and spend all summer enjoying the natural springs in the meadows. Listen. You will hear their distintive call early each morning. In the evening you can spot an Owl perched high in a majestic evergreen, ever watchful, before swooping down for its prey.

In response to the overwhelming number of requests by guests and visitors, we have opened the Childs Meadow Cafe (open mid-May through September and holidays).

A local Cattleman has a cattle drive every year, usually in June. For a really fun time, make plans to be here "when the cows come to the Meadow".

For More Information -- Please Call . . .

(530) 595-3383 . . . . . (888) 595-3383 or email:

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